Hyaluronic Acid x Collagen Infused Lip Mask

Hyaluronic Acid x Collagen Infused Lip Mask

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The Sistine Lip Jelly brings you the ultimate experience in self-care. Infused Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen improves the skin elasticity, while retaining and replenishing moisture. Our mask hydrates the lips, making your pout more firm— giving you a fresh and youthful look. This Sistine formula restores the natural structure of your lips, blessing you with that radiant, and soft skin layer—for kissable, luscious lips.

Hydration + Moisturize - Rosehip oil x Hyaluronic acid
Abundant in vitamins and fatty acids, Rosehip oil employs this perfect combination to provide the skin with deep hydration and moisture. It is compatible amongst all skin-types, boosts collagen, and also works as a gentle exfoliator leaving the skin polished and glowing. Hyaluronic Acid masters keeping the skin supple and deeply moisturized, as it has proven to retain 1000x its weight in moisture. It plumps the skin with hydration, reduces the appearance of fine lines and conserves a healthy glow in the skin.

Anti-age - Herbal Collagen
Herbal Collagen plays a major role in plumping the skin—responsible for preventing it from premature ageing, maintaining its firmness and strength, while keeping its over-all health in optimal condition